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How would you like to tap into the power of media and get more customers and clients, get more referrals, and build your brand faster?

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8-12 Min. Monthly Segment
1 Bonus Show Per Year
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1 YouTube Video Each Mo.

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Web Video Commercial Via Facebook Advertising Your Video To Your Audience (Min. 100K imp. or 300 Visits)

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8-12 Min. Monthly Segment
1 Bonus Show Per Year



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6 30-Second Ads Each Mo.

1 YouTube Video Each Mo.

1 Edited Word For Word Transcription 

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When you're a guest on the Success Mashup Radio Show you are not only a featured guest on a Live Seattle Radio Show, but your in-studio interview is video recorded and syndicated across the newswires and all of the most popular websites in the world - like Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,, and many more - for maximum exposure.  

Become a Star

Ultimate Branding

After coming on the show your video interview and press release gets syndicated and blasted out everywhere. There's no better branding than everyone in your local area seeing you as a guest expert on a live radio show. You can now add a "Media" page to your website that features all of your radio appearances, news clippings from the above sources, YouTube video interviews, and more.  

Become The #1 Trusted Authority In Your Market 

People want to hire the best.  Make your customers and clients proud and let them tell their friends and colleagues about you.  Being positioned as the #1 expert or authority makes price irrelavent.  Think about your Docor - the ultimate sales person. People will do anything a doctor says, even take their clothes off - because he or she is THE AUTHORITY.

Dominate Google and Grow Your Business

We submit your YouTube interviews and press releases onto high-authority websites that have excellent relationships with Google, which makes your articles and videos show up when people search for your business, your name, or the product or service you are providing. BONUS - These tactics will improve the Google rankings of your existing website!

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“The credibility is like writing a book without ever picking up a pen"

-- Eric Olberg, Recruiter, Ajilon Finance

“After some people people saw the video of our interview they were saying 'you guys must be the best' if you're getting expert interview requests - the credibility is amazing” 

-- Jeff& Jenny Hendrickx, Owners, Cherished Acres Estates Senior Care Homes

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Get On The Show

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This Could Be You...

How This Will Get Your More Traffic, Leads and Sales

Watch The Video Toward The Bottom To See How Your 10 Minute Interview Gets Syndicated To Hundreds of Media Outlets and Gets Put Right in Front of Your Exact, Ideal Audience


"Do I have to have experience on the radio or TV?"

Absolutely not.  Most of our guests have never done any type of media appearance or even had video experience the first time they came on.  It's just like having a conversation over coffee, or over a beer or glass of wine. The premise of the show is to MAKE YOU LOOK GOOD. So I make sure and keep it casual and only ask you questions I know that you will feel comfortable answering.

"Do I have to come up with a script for my segment?"

No you don't have to come up with a script, or try and memorize good answers.  The more casual and natural our conversation is the better.  This is why I make sure and ask you only questions you are already prepared for in advance and are comfortable with answering.

"Can I request questions for you to ask?"

Absolutely.  In fact, this is what we prefer.  After you're booked for the show my producer goes through an in-depth research process to help give you suggestions or ideas for a topic of discussion. She sends this over to you for you to add in or take away any questions or topics to discuss.  

"But I don't have very much to talk about"

This is one of the biggest misconceptions of most business owners today - they don't realize how much helpful information they can provide to the public. Think about some of the most frequently asked questions your customers ask, think about questions they should be asking but don't ask. Think about the biggest mistakes people make when trying to do something related to your product or service. Think about the fears and frustrations people are going through.  Think about how your service or product can make someone's life easier - how they can get something done so much faster hiring a professional!

"Do we still get a video even if we don't come into the studio?"

Yes you do. If you can send us a few photos of you and/or your business we will make a slide show video play while you are talking during your interview. If you don't have photos then we will just take video screen records of your website for the video portion of your interview. And of course you will still get all of the benefits of the repurposing and syndication that will turn your video into an article, transcription, press release out to hundreds of sites, etc.

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How Much Time and Money Would It Cost To Do Run a Content Marketing Strategy Like This On Your Own?

Film, Edit and Produce an HD Quality Interview Style Video

Average Cost

Time To Produce


4-12 hours

Write a Press Release That Will Get Approved and Submitted


1-3 hours

Submit a "Premium" Level Press Release Through


30 Minutes

Write a High-Quality 500 Word Article or Blog Post Summarizing The Interview


1-2 Hours

Write and Post a Word For Word Transcription of Interview


1-2 Hours

Set Up and Run Lazer-Targeted Facebook Ads Promoting the Video Interview To Your Exact, Ideal, Geo-Targeted Audience Getting 200,000-400,000 Impressions and 100 Visits


2-3 Hours

The Facebook Blueprint Online Coaching Course and Private Membership Site Access (Over 20 Hours of Content-Packed Video Trainings and Webinars



Total Cost Estimate


9.5 - 22.5 Hours of Labor

Why is the Partner Pricing So Much Less Than Average Costs?

One Word: SYSTEMS. We have systems in place that massively reduce the cost of creating professional videos, press releases, and really everything above...

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